"It’s a man’s world,” James Brown sang, and that’s exactly how it was in the 80s."

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Soho Hustle is not purely fiction but comprised of memories, good and bad, from a different time, remembering the eccentric lives of those in the world of entertainment. The language and attitudes have been recreated in a way that reflects the period and times - an era that is not politically correct. 

It's the 80s, and the Margaret Thatcher revolution continues with new gadgets like mobile phones and compact discs replacing black vinyl records. 

MTV has arrived, and with the help of British music videos capturing the post punk New Romantics, British records were dominating the American charts. Image was everything then, with the hair, clothes and make-up.


Soho Hustle follows the story of Cyril Gold; a young Jewish guy from north London who jumps head first into the glamorous world of music management, expecting to meet the pop and rock stars. Cyril naively believes he can follow in the footsteps of his late celebrated uncle, Brian Epstein, but soon finds himself in over his head. 


Wheeling and dealing with the many colourful characters of 1980s Soho, he swiftly has to come to terms with the harsh and brutal realities of the industry and the vices in Soho’s underworld.


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Gordon Lewis is a film producer and author. His debut book Secret Child was a bestseller. Soho Hustle is his third book and is a fictional story, set in the 80s in Soho London. Gordon produced many music videos for Soft Cell, Cure, Talk Talk, ABC, Pretenders, Paul Weller, Roger Taylor, George Michael, Depeche Mode , Daryl Hall & John Oates, Neil Young , Cars, Queen and Bowie. Having worked with so many artists, this is was the inspiration for Soho Hustle.

Learn more about Gordon Lewis two other books and his films at www.secretchild.com


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The 80's was the golden age of music

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