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"It’s a man’s world,” James Brown sang, and that’s exactly how it was in the 80s."

The new book from Gordon Lewis
now out in Paperback & Kindle.



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London in the 80s had it all: the fashion, the money, the fun - and above all. the music. And Cyril Gold wants a piece of it. A really big piece of it. Soho Hustle takes us back to a time and place like no other as it follows Cyril's adventures in the world of pop and rock. A distant relative of Brian Epstein, Cyril wants to build a music empire to rival that of the Beatles' legendary Svengali. All he has to find are some artists to manage...

When Roxy walks into his seedy Soho office, Cyril think she's found The One. But he's got competition. He's playing with the big boys and girls now, and he'll have to use all his
chutzpah to stay in the game and not become just another entertainment industry burnout, swallowed up and spat out by a money-making music machine that shows no mercy.


With its colourful cast of entrepreneurs and entertainers, chancers, crooks, working girls and wheelers and dealers, Soho Hustle recreates a vanished era of hedonism and excess
as it really was, warts and all, written by someone who was really there;

living the dream and surviving the nightmare.

Soho Hustle is a book for people with open minds and big hearts.

People like you.

A lot has changed since the 1980s. Looking back, there's lots to be nostalgic about: the music was better, the hair bigger and the clothes more colourful. But the language was more colourful, too, and attitudes very different. However hard it is being who you are and
what you want to be today, it was much more difficult then, and Soho Hustle reflects this in unflinching style. It recreates how people spoke and how they thought in sometimes shocking and uncomfortable words, reflecting both the innocence and the ignorance of those times. If you're easily offended, it's probably best if you stop reading now. If you're still reading this - thank you.



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Gordon Lewis is a film producer and author. His debut book Secret Child was a bestseller. Soho Hustle is his third book and is a fictional story, set in the 80s in Soho London. Gordon produced many music videos for Soft Cell, Cure, Talk Talk, ABC, Pretenders, Paul Weller, Roger Taylor, George Michael, Depeche Mode , Daryl Hall & John Oates, Neil Young , Cars, Queen and Bowie. Having worked with so many artists, this is was the inspiration for Soho Hustle.

Learn more about Gordon Lewis two other books and his films at


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The 80's was the golden age of music

Here are some of the artists featured in the book.

Why not listen to the music on Spotify as you read the book.

Email me your 5 favourite songs and artists from the 80s?

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